24/08/2016 13:03 BST

Getting Married? Here Are 11 Unexpected Things You Should Totally Expect To Happen At Your Wedding

So little time, so little cake.

pxhidalgo via Getty Images

No matter how well you plan your wedding day there will always be one or two things that don’t quite go to plan.

To help limit the stress of unforeseen occurrences, married people on Reddit have been sharing their tips on the unexpected things you should totally expect to happen.

Be prepared, brides and grooms, this is what you’re in store for...

1. Uninvited Guests


2. Hunger


3. Stains


4. Misbehaving Children



5. Limelight-Stealers 



6. Forgetfulness


7. Injuries 



8. Transport Issues

8. Dehydration 


10. Drunkenness 



11. Tiredness