The One Herb To Grow If You Hate Flies In Your House

Good news – it goes great with a cocktail.
Aleksandra Iarosh via Getty Images

Even the most ardent sun worshippers will have to agree that if you hate flies, the summer is straight-up not a good time.

With an abundance of ticks, an explosion in the midge population (especially in Scotland), and with summer flies at their prime, it’s easy to see why so many of us are looking for ways to repel flies right now.

Thankfully, some of the anti-bug techniques are fairly easy to manage. For instance, wearing certain colours and eating certain foods can help to banish everything from mosquitos to midge bites.

And now, it turns out that the humble mint plant can help to banish the pesky bugs, too.

Here’s how to use the scent-sational (sorry) plant to your benefit, which species work best, and other handy, all-natural hacks to get rid of flies.

Do I have to grow a full-on mint bush?

Thankfully, no. Even as a mint lover (the smell is so good after some rain), I have to admit that not everyone has room for a massive mint plant – and that the herb can take over a garden very, very quickly.

Of course, the fly-deterring smell will be more effective if there’s more of it. But as Country Living says, simply putting a potted mint plant on your windowsill can help to deter the flies.

If you are using a potted version, though, make sure to try the stronger peppermint and spearmint varieties.

As Pestline experts explain: “Flies hate strong and fresh scents, something that peppermint does better than any other herb.”

It works because the strong smell is too much for the bugs to handle – so make sure you grab yourself the most pungent plant possible.

Any other hacks?

Yes, lots. Other pro-approved, natural fly repellants include:

  • Wearing light colours to prevent getting bitten,
  • Safely storing all food, leaving nothing open on the counters,
  • Using essential oils like mint, basil, eucalyptus, lavender, and citronella,
  • Burning a citronella candle,
  • Creating a sugar-water trap,
  • Mixing cayenne pepper with water to create a deterring spray; you can also try vodka or hydrogen peroxide.

Ah, the joys of summer...