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How To Set Up A Creative Space At Home

Go behind the scenes to see how three influencers create the perfect home set-up with the help of super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast
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Whether you’ve got a passion for tech, a love of fitness or an interest in content creation, you don’t need to leave your home to give your creativity the space it needs to thrive. With the right tech, you can turn your house into the perfect environment to showcase your skills and pursue your passions.

Podcaster and writer Clemmie Telford, Dr Zoe Williams and Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands’ invited HuffPost UK into their homes to show how tech enables them to get creative in every room of the house, allowing them to indulge their passions and progress their careers.

Turn every room in the house into an inspiring space

From hosting Instagram Live fitness classes to intimate 1:1 consultations with her patients, Dr Zoe Williams is one busy lady. Thanks to her reliable broadband set-up, she is able to manage her varied roles from home, using different rooms in the house to fulfil different duties.

Her passion for health runs through every facet of her career as a doctor, fitness influencer and media personality, and each room in the house doubles as a workspace, too. Her bedroom is where she streams Instagram Lives to her tens of thousands of followers, her kitchen has the necessary tech for video conferences, webinars and her podcast and she uses another room for consultations with patients.

Having reliable broadband has helped me develop my passion for fitness, with everything from Crossfit all the way through to doing online fitness classes,’ Williams says.

While everything runs thanks to super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast, Dr Zoe also uses other tools to help her stay creatively motivated, like a ring light setup, so she can work out with her followers. We’d also recommend taking a leaf out of Dr Zoe’s book, literally. Fill one room with plants to create a calm oasis. Dr Zoe uses this space for virtual sessions with patients, and it’s also her ‘home studio’, where she chats to millions as a media personality on TV’s This Morning.

Whether you need to multitask in one room or across your whole house, the right tech setup and super reliable broadband will ensure that you can focus on creating.

Use tech to help you multi-task

With three kids and a busy career as a podcaster, author and content creator, Clemmie Telford uses tech to her advantage at home. If she needs a hand with the kids, her ‘gallery of electronic devices’ in the kitchen can help, with mobiles, tablets and gaming consoles providing endless entertainment. Clemmie’s smart home smart speaker is especially handy; Clemmie jokes she uses it to ‘help me parent’.

Having a tech set-up that works seamlessly thanks to super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast helps Clemmie to be more efficient pursuing her creative passions.

Tech isn’t only a tool that helps Clemmie stay organised and entertain the whole family; she uses her laptop for everything, from writing her book to getting her content online the moment creative inspiration strikes.

‘The fact is, I am a mum who is also a content creator, and it really pays for me to have reliable broadband. If I spot a brilliant moment, I can shoot it and get it straight up,’ she tells the camera.

You don’t need the fanciest equipment for studio quality sound or to create content that touches over a hundred thousand people every day. But you do need super reliable broadband, like Sky Broadband Superfast.

There’s no such thing as too many tech toys

Tom ‘The Tech Chap’ Honeyands has turned his passion for tech and playing games into a successful, award-winning career, with over 1 million YouTube subscribers tuning in for his reviews on the latest laptops and graphics cards. His home is set up to ensure all of his passions can be pursued whenever he wants, with a dedicated film studio, gaming centre and streaming zone, all running in tandem thanks to super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast.

‘This is where I can be most creative and with all these smart home devices, everything connected through the home broadband, it’s just amazing that I can work from here, in my own home, in my own studio,’ he says in the video.

In addition to using broadband to pursue his creative passions, Tom relies on it for play too, with his array of smart gadgets, which include a smart fan, robot vacuum, voice-command lighting and smart coffee maker, which brews up his oat milk latte while he’s still in bed.

When you have a super reliable broadband set-up, there’s no such thing as too many gadgets.

Inspired to set up a creative space of your own at home? Find out how super reliable Sky Broadband Superfast could help fuel your passions.