How To Stop Yourself From Snoring Without Any Embarrassment

Sleep is about to sound a lot better

If you snore, you need to sleep with Nora.

Keep calm, Nora is a tiny gadget designed to stop those horrible sounds from getting out before it wakes the person catching zzzzs next to you.

However, the best aspect of Nora is its ability to stay hidden unlike the various nose clips and strips you may have tried before.

Nora detects snoring before it happens
Nora detects snoring before it happens

Nora comes with a small inflatable pad you can hide under your pillow.

When the small gadget detects snoring it activates the pump, which gently inflates and deflates underneath the pillow.

While this may not seem like much, this tiny movement is working to stimulate your relaxed throat muscles, according to the company website states.

Snoring happens when throat muscles relax and air is unable to move freely through the nose and throat.

This causes the surrounding tissue to vibrate resulting in that not-so-beautiful sound to burst forth.

The inflatable pad reverses this process and nudges the airways into its natural position, which should help you put a lid on it.

If you're keen to buy Nora, it is now available to pre-order for $259 (£182).

However, you'll have to wait till November for delivery.


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