'Tattoo Fixers' Artist Shows How To Tattoo A Penis (And It Involves Spatulas)


A well-known tattoo artist has revealed how to ink a penis - and it’s pretty terrifying.

Sketch, who is known for his work on Channel 4’s ‘Tattoo Fixers’, said that he has tattooed a member or two in his time. But has never inked a picture of a penis onto someone (thank goodness).

With the show’s return to E4 on 7 December, he revealed his secret to successfully inking one of the, ahem, softer parts of a man’s body.

pxhidalgo via Getty Images

The tattoo artist said the secret to tattooing a penis lies in ensuring that the skin is stretched enough - and this is often done using a utensil commonly found in your kitchen drawer.

“Normally, if you get a spoon or a wooden spatula and put it under, then bend the dick over it, it stretches right over,” he told Digital Spy.

“You do need to stretch the skin or the needle will keep catching it. We get the privilege of stretching it.”

While he’s tattooed a few penises in his time, he said that he’s never inked a man’s testicles.

He added: “It would be atrocious. You must have to stretch it right out.”

Well, there you have it.

‘Tattoo Fixers’ returns to E4 on 7 December at 9pm.