06/03/2020 10:05 GMT

Howard From The Halifax Adverts Goes On The Hunt For Love On First Dates

The former building society manager was quickly recognised by diners and staff on the Channel 4 show.

First Dates diners and viewers got an “extra, extra!” dose of nostalgia on Thursday night, when a familiar face enjoyed a date in the restaurant. 

Howard Brown, who appeared in Halifax’s memorable series of TV adverts, popped up on the most recent episode of the Channel 4 dating show. 

The former bank manager rose to fame in 2000 when he was cast as the face of the building society’s advertising campaign. 


Howard was known for singing and dancing along to a number of hit songs, including Sex Bomb and Who Let The Dogs Out, that were rewritten with banking lyrics. 

Nearly 12 years on from his last appearance in the ads, Howard was on TV again on Thursday night as he looked for love on First Dates.

The 53-year-old was set up with 61-year-old Bev, and was quickly recognised by the restaurant staff and diners as they sat down for dinner. 

But rather awkwardly, his date did not have a clue who he was, claiming to not watch much television. 

Channel 4
Howard was looking for love in the First Dates restaurant

While Howard’s appearance in the restaurant certainly delighted viewers, his hunt for love didn’t have a perfect ending as Bev opted not to take up an offer of a second date. 

During the height of his fame, Howard released a cover of Barry White’s You’re The First, The Last, My Everything as a charity single, which reached number 13 in the UK charts in 2005. 

In 2003, he also appeared as himself in The Office Christmas special alongside Ricky Gervais, in which he took part in a Blind Date game. 

First Dates airs on Thursdays at 10pm on Channel 4. 

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