Here's How Singers Avoid Getting Sick, And It's Genuinely Wild

It's a much bigger operation than just working out and eating well.
DAVID GRAY via Getty Images

If you’re a super-duper-megastar (like, Taylor Swift-level famous), losing just a day of work can mean a loss of up to $7.4 million of fan’s money for hotels alone.

So it makes sense that stars do what they can to keep from getting sick ― but aside from eating healthily, exercising, and keeping a respectful distance from fans, how are you supposed to actually control that?

Well, it turns out there definitely are moves you can make ― and some of them are as fascinating as they are intensive.

Here are just two of the extreme methods:

Some celebs use A-list air

In Adele’s Las Vegas residency, rumour has it (teehee) that the star is using $776,000 worth of tech to provide “the best possible air” during her show.

This alleged premium air is to protect her voice ― “The system works by combining dehumidifiers, purification units, water molecule dispersal and cooling fans in the preparation room and then guiding that air around the stage when she performs,” a source told The Mirror.

She’s not alone. Broadway singer Melissa Errico says, “My dressing room looks like this: A humidifier, a face steamer (I like a few puffs of steam while I am warming up, if I can’t get a good 20 minutes in a shower), Grethers Pastilles (I like the ones with sugar), lemon/lime Ricolas, throat coat tea and raw honey and a huge bottle of water.”

Opera companies will even rent out humidifiers for singers’ hotel rooms, so prized is the valuable vapour ― one opera singer even tried out an IV drip to protect his voice in the colder months.

Some musicians basically self-isolate on tour ― and that means their crew has to, too

If you’re doing a long show, you probably don’t want to tire yourself out with day trips to whatever country you’re in to begin with.

But some stay away from the scenery ― and fans ― religiously to avoid illness.

In the case of Taylor Swift, an insider told Yahoo, “strict measures are put into place to stop her interacting with anyone outside of her bubble.”

That meant no fan meet-ups or sight-seeing, even for her dancers.

“They cannot risk her getting sick under any circumstances. Even those in her bubble, including dancers and managers, are restricted in what they can do and where they can go during downtime,” the source explained.

Nobody said showbiz was all fun and games, right?


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