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A very small proportion of HuffPostUK articles (around 1.4%) are produced in conjunction with funding from outside partners. This funding helps to pay for our journalism. We want to be as transparent as possible with you about content produced in this way. You will see labels on articles that say “In association with”, brought to you by” or “promotional feature”. This is what they mean:

  1. “In association with” means a brand loves the journalism we’re already producing and has sponsored a section of our website but has absolutely no editorial influence over the articles they are sponsoring.
  2. If it says “Brought to you by” this means that we’ve worked with the brand in question to come up with a strand of reporting that they want to pay us to do. We are under no obligation to mention their products and they have no editorial input into the journalism we are producing, but they do have sight of headlines and a synopsis of our planned articles. If they request editorial input, we reclassify that content as “promotional feature”, see below.
  3. If it’s marked “Promotional feature” that means the brand associated with the article has editorial sign-off and can influence what it contains. The articles should always have editorial merit and are editorially led, but they contain some commercial messaging.

This policy was implemented in Jan 2018 and content planned prior to that may be labelled slightly differently. Any questions, email


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