Newlywed Shares Hilarious Snaps Of Honeymoon Alone After Husband's Visa Didn't Arrive

Comedy gold 😂

A new bride has shared the photos from her honeymoon in Greece - but they’re missing one crucial person.

Huma Mobin went abroad alone after her husband’s visa didn’t turn up on time.

After initially not wanting to go on her own, Mobin was persuaded by her husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt to go on the holiday anyway.

She spent much of the trip posing for photos with a sad face and her arm around her absent husband, who remained in Pakistan.

She later posted the hilarious photos on Facebook and, unsurprisingly, they’ve accumulated more than 300 reactions.

Luckily the trip to Greece was a second honeymoon for the couple, who had gone on a previous trip to the Maldives following their wedding in December 2015.

This particular trip was a 10-day holiday in Greece with the groom’s parents.

When Bhatt’s visa didn’t come through, Mobin was distraught and didn’t want to go. But, because the trip had already been paid for, she decided it was probably best to.

Throughout the holiday, Bhatt’s parents took some brilliant photos of their son’s wife looking incredibly devastated that he wasn’t there with her.

Part-way through the holiday, Mobin dropped her phone in the sea and was left husbandless and device-less.

She then switched up her standard photo pose to represent the fact she was missing both of them.

Well that’s certainly a story to tell the grandkids.

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