Here Are 10 Things None Of Us Can Be Doing In This Humid Heatwave

Good luck Glastonbury goers.

Summer is meant to be here but instead we’ve been left with a humid soup of thunderstorms and not-quite-rain.

Instead of just chucking it then clearing off, the skies have decided to hang over us like a blanket of moisture, making our hair a fluffy bonnet and any outfit we put on entirely inappropriate within hours.

Honestly by this point we’d rather it was cold (though if Europe’s ‘hell inferno’ forecast is anything to go by, our wish won’t come true anytime soon).

Here are the 10 things none of us can be bothered doing in this heatwave.

1. Eating

2. Working

3. The Commute

4. Sleeping

5. Staying dry

6. Getting dressed

7. Good hair days

8. Predicting the weather

9. Being reasonable

10. Ever being cool again