I Just Learned How To Properly Juice A Lemon Without A Juicer And It's Genius

I can't believe how simple it is.
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As somebody that puts lemon juice in tea, rice, and every chicken dish I ever cobble together, let me tell you: there is never enough lemon juice to satiate my zesty needs.

With all of that being said, I don’t own a juicer. It’s not necessary, it’s not essential, but it does make the whole juicing process a little faster. I just keep forgetting to pick one up when I’m at the shops.

However, one genius, one utter SAINT, has shared his hack to thoroughly juicing a lemon without a juicer and let me tell you, lives were changed.

How to properly juice a lemon without a juicer

TikTok user Michael Hayes, who has over a million followers, shared his tip for juicing a lemon without a juicer.

For his method, he simply slices a lemon in half and then puts it between tongs, and then squeezing.

How. Did. I. Not. Think. Of. This.

I did immediately run to the kitchen to try this and honestly, it worked a treat. Pretty ideal for doing directly over a pan or even just a cup of ginger tea. Obsessed.

The chef also urged people not to throw out broccoli stalks and instead, sauté them in soy sauce for a side dish that tastes “just like sautéed onions.”



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Health benefits of lemons

Thinking of becoming a fiend like I am and adding lemons to everything? Well, as well as being delicious and adding a tonne of flavour to dishes, lemons are also great for your health.

According to WebMD, lemons can:

  • Be an ideal source of vitamin C
  • Help to maintain iron levels and prevent amenia
  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Improve your complexion
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Support the immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce risk of diabetes

Not bad for a tiny little fruit, eh?!