Ikea Is Selling Furniture So You Can Recreate The Friends Set In Your Home

There's also accessories inspired by The Simpsons and Stranger Things.

You can now pretend to be your favourite TV characters every day of the week by decorating your home like some of the most iconic sets.

In its new Real Life Series, Ikea has replicated Monica’s apartment in Friends, the living room in The Simpsons and Joyce’s living room in Stranger Things – with all furniture and accessories available to buy now.

The ad campaign is from Ikea in the United Arab Emirates, but you can buy the items from the UK by searching each individual product name on the UK site. To save you some time, we’ve tracked down some of the key pieces.

Friends fans can make their living rooms look like Monica’s apartment with these items:

Remsta Armchair Yellow-Beige, £130. Buy it here.

Majalisa Cushion Cover, £4.50. Buy it here.

Tarbak Rug, Flatwoven, £195. Buy it here.

Meanwhile, people who love The Simpsons can find interiors inspiration with the following products.

Lattjo Rug, £10. Buy it here.

Sommar 2019 Plant pot £1.50. Buy it here.

Ekas Lamp Shade, £12. Buy it here. Jansjo Lamp Stand, £27. Buy it here.

Finally, Stranger Things fans can recreate Joyce’s living room with these products (demogorgon not included).

Solvinde LED lighting chain with 24 bulbs, £35. Buy it here.

Tuvalie Throw, £10. Buy it here.

Stradmon Wing Chair, Tallmyra Dark Green, £225. Buy it here.

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