19/01/2021 10:06 GMT

I'm A Celebrity's Jordan North Reveals The X-Rated Offers He's Been Inundated With Since Leaving Castle

"I nearly spat my brew out," the Radio 1 presenter joked.

Jordan North has revealed he’s been inundated with explicit messages from fans since his stint in I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! last year.

Although the Radio 1 DJ had one of the smallest profiles before entering the castle in November, he quickly became a fan favourite, making it all the way to the final, where he finished in second place, behind Giovanna Fletcher.

And it seems Jordan’s popularity is a long way off waning, if his DMs are anything to go by.

During an appearance on the podcast Help I Sexted My Boss, Jordan revealed: “Before you go into the castle they brief you and warn you about things, but they never tell you that your DMs get pretty weird!”

Jordan pictured shortly after leaving I'm A Celebrity last year

“Couples as well, random couples asking if I want to join in,” he continued. “There’s one who keeps sending me photos. I’m not looking though, I’ve blocked it.

“There’s one that I did look at and they’re really high up in the civil service — no wonder the country’s on its arse! Apart from that I’m fine, I just need to stop reading my messages.”

Jordan added: “I learned my lesson a couple of Sundays ago.

“As I was scrolling through, I opened a picture. Never again... I nearly choked on my brew! I was like, ‘Is that a mole or a piercing?’.”

Jordan in the I'm A Celebrity castle

Throughout his time on I’m A Celebrity, Jordan had to confront a number of his biggest fears, most notably heights and snakes.

Speaking to The Sun shortly after his exit, the radio host admitted he came close to walking completely before the Viper Vaults trial, recalling: “I just had a complete meltdown. And I know what people mean now by sheer panic. I delayed it by loads. None of this got shown on TV.

“I just said, ‘I cannot do this. And I’m not going to do this. And in fact, I am gonna go. I don’t need to do this’. I nearly said, ‘I’m just not going to do the trial’. I nearly walked.

“I’ve never had a panic attack before,” he said. “There were tears and I was struggling for breath. Dec said to me, ‘Jordan, breathe’. I do think they wanted to put an arm around my shoulders.”

Listen to Jordan’s full interview on the Help I Sexted My Boss podcast.