Yes Really, You Can Chew Your Way To A Healthier Gut

Well this is very gut news, indeed.
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Being constantly gassy, bloated or tired, could be signs that you have an unhealthy gut. As can experiencing skin irritations and an upset stomach.

But don’t panic just yet, there are simple ways you can transform the health of your gut, according to experts.

Before you run for the nearest gut supplements, you might want to try a handful of simple changes recommended by dietitian and gut health expert, Julie Balsamo (@nutritionbyjulie).

One revelation that might come as a surprise is that you’re probably not chewing your food properly – and it could be wreaking havoc on your insides.


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“This is one of the most common causes of digestive issues,” Balsamo says.

“We live in a society that is very go-go-go, so we tend to swallow without properly chewing.”

But she suggests food should be an “apple sauce consistency” before you swallow.

The dietitian also recommends taking advantage of bitter teas and herbs such as dandelion root and chamomile – which she suggests having before meals.

“These are fantastic as they help to stimulate digestive juices and they can be very helpful if you struggle with a lot of bloating after meals,” she says.

Vegetables are also great for your gut, but you should opt for cooked veggies instead of eating them raw, adds the gut health expert.

This is because raw veggies are hard for our bodies to break down, especially for people with digestive issues.

“Cooking your veggies first is going to break down those fibres which is gonna make it much easier for your body to digest it,” Balsamo explains.

She also recommends eating a variety of plant-based foods, “as the more diverse your diet [is], the more diverse your gut microbiome is going to be”.