Interactive Map Shows Free WiFi Passwords From Airports Around The World

Now THIS should come in handy...

There is nothing worse than finding out your flight is delayed and that for the next 12 hours you will be awkwardly roaming the vast halls of Charlotte airport while failing miserably to get any sleep.

You could watch Netflix, but unfortunately the airport’s WiFi is cryptically impossible to connect to, until now that is...

Computer engineer Anil Polat has created an interactive map which contains every free WiFi hotspot at each airport along with all the login information you’d need including usernames and passwords.

Polat, a frequent flyer himself, created the map after he realised how difficult it could be to access the free WiFi that many airports claim to offer.

Using his blog audience, Anil reached out and asked them to help contribute, sending over passwords and usernames as they were discovered across the globe.

Using all the information he created a simple list which he then turned into this lifesaving interactive map.

“This list becomes more useful the more of you who send me passwords you find at airports.” explains Polat on his blog. “If you get any lounge passwords or for other access points, please leave a comment on this post or email me directly.”

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