Girl Sees Life Flash Before Her Eyes As iPhone Bursts Into Flames Mid-Flight

"There was like 8-inch flames coming out of my phone."

A woman's iPhone has burst into flames while she was travelling from Washington to Hawaii.

Anna Crail, a student on her spring break, was reportedly watching a movie when her mobile phone caught on fire.

Tweeting about the incident, she said: "legit saw my life flash before my eyes tonight when my phone burst into flames midflight and caught the plane on fire."

"All of the sudden there was like 8-inch flames coming out of my phone," she told KOMO TV.

"And I flipped it off onto the ground and it got under someone's seat, and the flames were just getting higher and a bunch of people stood up."

Crail posted pictures of her damaged phone on Twitter:

John Nance, an aviation analyst for ABC news, said the incident highlighted the importance of keep your phone on airplane mode during a flight to prevent it continuously searching for a signal.

Apple are yet to comment on the incident.

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