11/10/2016 14:49 BST

This iPhone Trick Lets Anyone Send Messages On Your Locked Phone

Let the pranking begin...

Apple’s addition of TouchID has meant that the iPhone is, in most regards one of the most secure smartphones available.

However iOS still contains the odd loophole and this latest one lets you use Siri to send texts and update Facebook all without needing to actually confirm your identity.

Sean Gallup via Getty Images

Simply take your intended victim’s iPhone (we assume a friend or sibling), hold down on the Home Button until Siri appears and simply ask to send a message or update Facebook.

The phone will then be able to send a message to any contact they have saved, make phone calls and even post a Facebook update all via voice command.

This is prime pranking territory because it gives you just enough control to cause mischief but retains just enough privacy to stop someone doing significant damage.

We noted that TouchID is actually used during Siri to give you extra access, so when we asked a colleague to access our messages from Siri they couldn’t, however when looked to get access it took us straight into the Message app.