15 Things You Need To Keep Your Kid Entertained During Quarantine

You're doing your absolute best under trying circumstances, and these toys, crafts and activities can help.
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Thanks to the ongoing omicron-fueled COVID surge, this has certainly turned out to be the winter of our discontent — for parents, especially. Depending on where you live, some kids started the year remotely, while others went back to the classroom only for school to be quickly shut down due to COVID spread. The situation remains absolutely untenable for parents nationwide.

On a near-weekly basis, kids are sent home due to exposure, leaving parents scrambling. Having to cobble together childcare is either very difficult or, in some cases, downright impossible, which means parents have to find a way to keep kids occupied while they work.

Children are also feeling the strain of these uncertain times, and having to quarantine away from friends (and often loved ones) can lead to behavioral issues. That’s why we’ve rounded up toys, activities, crafts and more to keep them busy during unexpectedly trying periods of quarantine. They can immerse themselves in activities while you do what you need to do, and perhaps get a moment’s peace.

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A set of lacing beads
The Thames and Kosmos lacing beads math kit comes with 300 colorful plastic beads and six laces to string them on. It keeps kids busy while also helping to develop counting, sorting, pattern, hand-eye coordination skills and much more.
A customizable castle
Instead of using every linen in the house to build a fort, kids can decorate this Easy Playhouse haunted castle. It's the perfect canvas for an entire day's worth of fun.
A set of liquid chalk markers
If you have a dry erase board or don't mind kids writing on windows, the Chalktastic washable pens are a great way for kids to decorate their surroundings. They'll get a kick out of drawing on previously forbidden spots like glass.
A large marble run
They may be noisy, but there's no denying that a marble run gets the job done. Marble Genius' super set icludes 150 pieces along with an instructional app and manual so your kids can get to building fantastical towers.
A hand puppet-making kit
Easy and safe for kids, this kit includes six colorful hand puppets, a bundle of pom-poms, googly eyes, felt decor and a paper storage box. It's a lovely crafting project that stimulates imagination and creativity without making a huge mess or requiring adult intervention.
A sticker book
Your kid will get lost in their sticker creations with the Paint By Sticker Kids book. There are ten different pictures that can be created, and this zoo animals option is especially sweet.
A clay kit
The Creative Kids air-dry clay modeling craft kit comes with 30 pieces of non-toxic, vibrantly-hued clay as well as three tools to aid in creations. Once they get these in their hands, their imaginations will know no bounds.
A terrarium kit
Your little botany enthusiast will spend hours caring for their Grow 'N Glow terrarium. They'll have the abillity to plant, water and grow their own mini eco-system. It's designed to help inspire creativity and a love of science that will keep kids entertained for days.
A toy sewing kit
If your child has an interest or a knack for sewing, then they'll be thrilled to sit down with this Craft-tastic friendly fox stuffie sewing kit. (You can also pick up a bunny or mouse friend kit if they prefer.) It teaches sewing and crafting skills while also helping them to practice their patience.
A sensory swing
This restNests indoor hanging swing is CPSIA compliant, and has been tested and found safe for kids. It's a hammock swing that can be used indoors or outdoors and is a great sensory tool for kids of all ages.
A watercolor set
The Norberg & Linden watercolor paint set includes 36 premium paints, a watercolor pad and six brushes. It's a lovely way for a child to peacefully spend the afternoon.
A fresh set of Magna-Tiles
If you don't have a set of Magna-Tiles in your home yet, then now is the time to pick one up. It includes 32 pieces that encourage open-ended play where children can lose themselves for hours.
A bubble-making kit
This Wowmazing giant bubble-making kit includes a wand, bubble concentrate and a booklet filled with tips and tricks to keep kids outdoors for hours at a time.
An activity workbook
This Melissa & Doug activity book helps kids safely practice their scissor skills while keeping them busy and entertained. It's a paper-cutting project book that is filled with 20 activity pages and includes child-safe scissors.
A colorful doodle board
Even older children will love spending hours with this writing tablet. It has pressure-sensitive technology and a colorful 1-inch LCD screen that doesn't emit radiation or glare, making it safe on your little one's eyes for hours at a time.

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