These Household Items Reveal If You're Middle Class, According To An Etiquette Study

A Smeg fridge is a major giveaway.

If you own a Brompton bike, a smart TV, a Nutribullet and an Apple Mac it probably means you’re middle class.

That’s according to etiquette expert William Hanson who recently conducted some research into the household items middle class households usually have.

The study found that 42% of middle class households own a Smart TV while 38% own a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile having a Smeg fridge, a Mulberry handbag or a spiralizer also signify you’ve joined “Middle England”.

Gary Burchell via Getty Images

The report including 2,000 UK adults was created following research by insurance provider Esure that found 40% of people in the UK now consider themselves to be middle class.

Interestingly, it found that inexpensive items such as matching coasters made the list, as the middle classes do not want marks on their furniture.

Etiquette expert William Hanson, commented: “The middle classes have always been known for their love of material possessions and for keeping up with their neighbours, with suburban one-upmanship taking place on a daily basis.

“They are constantly looking for the next thing they can install, fit or mount in their homes to be a cut about those next door.”

Find out how middle class you are by taking the test below:

How many do you own?

  1. Brompton bike

  2. Aga range cooker

  3. Mac computer

  4. Boiling water taps

  5. Vinyl records

  6. Wood burning stove

  7. Smart TV

  8. Antler or Samsonite luggage

  9. Dyson vacuum

  10. Mulberry bag

  11. Spiralizer

  12. Nutribullet

  13. Smeg fridge

  14. Hot tub

  15. Coasters

  16. Barbeque

How did you score?

0: Not middle class: You’re a true person of the people. Kudos on ignoring the middle class masses, while you cycle to work on an adult-sized bike and chop vegetables with a knife like your forefathers.

1 – 4: A little middle class: Caught between practicality and opulence, you’re an interesting mix. Perhaps you’re resisting Middle England or are a fast riser up the list. Is it worth getting a record player for those vinyls?

5-12: Very middle class: Nice and secure in the upper-middle classes, your suburban home is full of Mulberrys, Nutribullets and the barbecue where you host your similarly well-to-do friends on a Sunday-afternoon.

13-16: Extremely middle class: There’s no two ways about it, you’re a country lord! Celebrate this achievement by trying to fill your abnormally huge fridge and spending more time arranging fancy coasters than drinking your Chai tea off them.