iTunes Deletes Man's Entire Music Collection, So Apple Flew Experts To His House To Help

iTunes Deletes Man's Entire Music Collection, So Apple Flew Experts To His House To Help
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Last week, James Pinkstone had a pretty tough day. You see he'd just activated his Apple Music subscription and as a result iTunes had then promptly deleted his entire 122GB music library.

That's a tough break, by anyone's standards, and sadly he wasn't alone.

You see iTunes is a great piece of software but it appears as though something random and entirely inexplicable had taken place on James' computer.

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No-one however has probably experienced anything as drastic as Pinkstone did, which is unsurprisingly why the blog he then wrote about it went viral, fast.

Apple noticed said blog and got in touch with Pinkstone, originally just with the intention that they could fix or explain what had happened over the phone.

It quickly became clear that this was not going to work, and so Apple went one step further, and it was a big step.

It personally flew two of their engineers over to investigate James' problem, try and work out what had happened, and then either reverse it or make sure it never happens again.

In a follow up blog post (which you can read here), James explains the surreal and fascinating time he spent with those engineers (Tom & Ezra) as they trawled his computer for clues as to what had caused the issue.

Apple has since launched a new version of iTunes which not only updates the app's features but reportedly now fixes this bug.

While Pinkstone proclaims that his experience shouldn't be seen as revelatory it's hard not to be a little impressed that Apple went above and beyond, and even you're feeling cynical it looks like the trip did end with something having been learnt.


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