Jaguar I-PACE Electric Car Unveiled As A Tesla Rival

The I-PACE has a 298-mile range and 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

Jaguar has finally lifted the lid on its I-PACE electric car.

This is Jaguar’s first fully-electric car and it’s clear from the start that Tesla is going to have a fight on its hands.

The I-PACE has a 298-mile range thanks to a considerable 90kWh battery located in the bottom of the car. With two powerful motors at the front and back the car can then accelerate from 0-60mph in 4.5secs making it faster than most two-seater sports cars.


According to Jaguar you can charge the car to around 80% in 80 minutes using a 50kWh charger or just 45 minutes if you’re able to use one of the newer 100kWh fast charging stations.

Of course in addition to having access to the UK’s charging network Jaguar will also fit your home with its standard 7kWh charging station which provides around 80% in 10 hours.


Despite its hugely impressive performance, this is still every bit an SUV with five seats and 656-litres of rear-load boot space.

It’ll also come with a state-of-the-art interior including the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system that has only previously been seen on the Range Rover Velar. The system includes a digital dashboard and two touchscreen interfaces in the centre console.

Naturally the car can also be accessed using Jaguar’s InControl App which lets you remotely see the car’s location, battery level and even lets you activate features within the car such as the heating.

According to Jaguar the car also comes with an AI-controlled navigation system that constantly analyses not only the route you’re taking but your current battery level.


The car also supports Amazon Alexa which means that you can be sat in your home and ask Alexa how much battery the car has, or you can ask it to turn on the heated seats.

Where the I-PACE might be lacking is in the arena of autonomous driving. While the car will have driving assist technology on board, don’t expect it to start driving you down a motorway like Tesla’s Model S.

Finally there’s the price. Jaguar says that the I-PACE will start at £63,495 (not including the government incentives) which puts it at several thousand pounds cheaper than the absolute cheapest Tesla Model S.


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