James Martin Reveals The Life-Changing Event That Saw Him Quit ‘Saturday Kitchen’

'I thought something’s got to change.'

James Martin has revealed the real reason why he decided to quit his job presenting ‘Saturday Kitchen’.

The TV chef shocked fans by throwing in the (tea) towel last year after more than a decade fronting the BBC Saturday morning cookery and chat show.


The 44-year-old has now revealed that it was after he witnessed the sudden death of a stranger that made him realise he needed to slow down.

“I was chatting to him and he stood up on stage and collapsed and passed away in front of me,” he said during an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

“That was just over a year ago and that was the decision to change.

“I look back at all the work I’d done, I’d done like four days off that year and five days off the year before and I thought something’s got to change.

“And that was partly the reason why I gave up the Saturday Morning show.”

During the same interview, the notoriously private star also opened up about his five-year relationship with his girlfriend, Louise Davies.

Nick Harvey via Getty Images

While he might have stopped short of name-checking his other half, he did admit he was very happy.

Piers Morgan teased the 44-year-old: “This is a worrying allegation you’re in love at the moment.”

To which James joked: “Is there?”, before adding, “I’m happy. I’m happy. For the first time in my life I’m happy and content.”

Following James’ departure from ‘Saturday Kitchen’, fans have deserted the show in droves.

Last year it was revealed that over one million viewers have turned off since the chef quit the BBC One cookery show.

A host of guest presenters have been drafted in to host since James’ exit, but it seems fans have been left decidedly unimpressed with their stints at the head of the show.

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