23/02/2017 12:00 GMT | Updated 19/10/2017 12:49 BST

26 Times Jane McDonald Was Camp As T*ts

The current 'Loose Women' ain't got nowt on our Jane.

While we still love ‘Loose Women’, there’s no denying that something has been missing over the last few years - namely a fabulous woman from Wakefield who goes by the name of Jane McDonald.

Thankfully, she’s recently made a return to our screens in her own Channel 5 documentary, ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’, which has reminded us of what a larger than life character she is.

And by larger than life, we mean camp. Ridiculously camp. 

Let’s look at the evidence...


2. She lives with her mother, who she refers to as Queen Jean

3. Her version of Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ makes us want to sip on Woo Woos with her by the pool

4. She loves nothing more than a good innuendo 

5. Seriously, she could give Mel and Sue a run for their money

6. She is hates it when she can’t be glamorous

7. Well, why wouldn’t she want to dress up, when this is the calibre of her stage attire?

8. She gives SOLID fashion advice to others too

9. She’s also the only person we know who still shops in catalogues

10. She really, REALLY loves cruising

11. We look back with great fondness at the times when she was allowed to sing on ‘Loose Women’

12. Jane Moore, Kaye Adams and co. could never


13. This is her attitude to rumpy-pumpy

Getting old is sad and I hate it. Ed said to me the other day, ‘Come upstairs and make love to me’. 'At my age!' I told him, 'Pick one, ­because I can’t do both’.Jane McDonald

14. That said, there’s a lot of life left in those hips yet

15. We now know she’s got a very weak gag reflex

16. Only the best goose down will do for our Jane

17. Remember the time she posed with drag queens at G-A-Y (and fitted right in)?


18. She covered ‘Dance Yourself Dizzy’, and somehow made it even more ridiculous than the original

19. She dances like your mum after a few wines at a wedding

20. Only Jane would sing a whole rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ while sailing through a cave because of its ‘good acoustics’ 

21. Even if she retreated from the spotlight, she would still be living her best life

I hope people love my new album, but, at the end of the day, if it doesn't work out I could just go back home to Yorkshire and get a job on the tills at Marks & Spencer.Jane McDonald

22. She’s a proper pro at WEERRRKing it

23. She knows how to make an entrance

24. She’s so iconic, she was even parodied by the late, great Victoria Wood

25. She is the only person bar Pat Butcher who could get away with wearing a leopard print mac

Neil Mockford via Getty Images


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