07/01/2017 07:02 GMT

'The Voice' Judge Jennifer Hudson: 12 Times She Absolutely Slayed A Vocal Performance

Believe us, it was tough to pick just 12.

When ‘The Voice’ made the jump from the BBC to ITV, we weren’t sure what they would do to shake it up and make it a bit more exciting.

Enter: Jennifer Hudson.

We are completely ready for the newest coach on the panel to brighten up our Saturday nights, and if you’re wondering what makes her qualified for the job, then you might want to take a look at these moments she proved herself as one of her generation’s great vocalist...

  • 1. Her 'American Idol' audition
    The first time J-Hud came to the world's attention was as a contestant on 'American Idol', when she enthusiastically and confidently told the judges she was "the best they could find in America".

    Honestly, though - was she wrong?
  • 2. Her efforts during live shows
    Unsurprisingly, Jennifer sailed through the competition and made it to live shows, where she gave a stellar performance each week.

    What may come as a shock to those not familiar was that she finished not in first place, and not even second - but seventh.
  • 3. Her performance as Effie in 'Dreamgirls'
    Proving some talent is irrepressible, within three years Jennifer had gone from a seventh place talent show contestant to an Oscar-winner.

    How did she do it? Watch that video - who can argue with those pipes?
  • 4. Holding her own with Jennifer Holliday
    Tackling a song like 'And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going' could be a daunting task for some, particularly when you're performing it with the artist everyone associates it with already.

    And yet, when the two Jennifers took to the stage together at the BET Awards in 2007, they complemented one another perfectly.
  • 5. Singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl
    The whole world was rooting for Jennifer when she made her first public appearance at the Super Bowl in 2009, just months after the murder of her mother, brother and nephew.

    She totally delivered, though, and delivered one of the most stunning renditions of 'The Star-Spangled Banner' the Super Bowl has ever seen.
  • 6. Performing for Oprah Winfrey
    At the Kennedy Center Honors in 2010, Jennifer performed 'I'm Here' from the musical 'The Color Purple' in front of Oprah Winfrey, who co-starred in the original film.

    Years later, Jennifer appeared in a reboot of the musical on Broadway.
  • 7. Remembering Whitney Houston
    One day after the death of Whitney Houston in 2012, the Grammy Awards were held.

    A last-minute tribute to the multiple-winner was prepared, with Jennifer tackling her most memorable song, 'I Will Always Love You', arguably Whitney's best vocal effort.
  • 8. Her return to the Super Bowl
    Three years after singing the National Anthem, Jennifer performed at the Super Bowl once again, this time with the chorus from Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a shooting had taken place months earlier.
  • 9. Appearing with Latrice Royale at Fashion Rocks
    Jennifer's huge vocals are often associated with emotional ballads and powerful showtunes, so when she appeared at Fashion Rocks in 2014, it was refreshing to see her trying something a bit more fun and uplifting. And she still slayed.
  • 10. Singing her drive-through order in 'Carpool Karaoke'
    Let's be honest, James Corden is often guilty of overshadowing his guests in 'Carpool Karaoke'... but with J-Hud, how could he compete?

    She even floored us with her vocals at the drive through, for crying out loud.
  • 11. Paying tribute to Prince at the BET Awards
    Jennifer was one of several artists who honoured Prince at the BET Awards, but she arguably had the biggest job on her hands, singing 'Purple Rain'.

    And she nailed it.
  • 12. 'I Know Where I've Been'
    Talk about giving a song your absolute all. A brilliant note to end on, it's been more than a decade since Jennifer came to our attention, and she's still delivering every. Single. Time.
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