Jeremy Clarkson Launches Fresh Greta Thunberg Attack: 'I'm Carbon Neutral – She Does F**k All'

The Grand Tour host also called the 16-year-old climate change activist a “weird Swede with a bad temper”.

Jeremy Clarkson has launched a fresh attack on climate change activist Greta Thunberg, claiming he does more for the environment than she does.

The Grand Tour host also admitted he has disagreed with his daughter over his criticism of the 16-year-old campaigner, who he previously blasted in his column in The Sun.

In a series of interviews to promote the new series of his Amazon Prime car show, Clarkson claimed to be carbon neutral, compared to Thunberg who he said does “sweet fuck all”.

Jeremy Clarkson and Greta Thunberg
Jeremy Clarkson and Greta Thunberg

“I’m the most carbon neutral person there is,” Clarkson claimed (via iNews). “I’m a farmer, I plant woods, thousands of trees every year. So I’m not taking a lecture from Greta Thunberg who does sweet fuck all but wave her arms around.

“So no, I can drive as many Range Rovers as I want because I’m completely carbon negative.”

Clarkson also branded the teenage activist – who has spoken of her experiences living with Asperger’s syndrome – a “weird Swede with a bad temper” as he discussed his disagreements about her with daughter Emily.

He said (via The Independent): “We’re never going to agree. She thinks that Greta Thunberg is this deity put on Earth. She’s Jesus, basically. Jesus-esque. Whereas I think she’s a weird Swede with a bad temper.

“And did you see she went to Chile for the climate conference which was then moved to Madrid? I literally shit myself laughing.”

Jeremy Clarkson and his daughter Emily
Jeremy Clarkson and his daughter Emily
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He continued: “She’s an idiot because scientists will solve this, and nobody is going to solve it by running around and going on strike and not going to school, because then you’re not in your science lessons, so she’s a fool. I know you lot don’t think she is, which is fine.”

Clarkson and his daughter exchanged their differing viewpoints on Twitter after he published his Sun column about Thunberg in September.

After comedian John Bishop voiced his support for the activist, Emily tweeted: “Wouldn’t it be nice if all middle aged blokes could talk to and about Greta, the ballsy af teenager out there changing the world, like this.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice if she learned some manners,” Clarkson responded, to which Emily replied: “A woman doesn’t need to be polite to make a point.”

Earlier this week, Clarkson blamed Thunberg for “killing” the car show, claiming the younger generation no longer have any interest in motoring.

The Grand Tour returns to Amazon Prime Video on 13 December.


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