Jeremy Clarkson Shares Eye Roll-Worthy Response To Will Young's Homophobia Accusations

"Many gay people said they couldn’t see a problem. None of my leftie friends could either."

Jeremy Clarkson has shared an eye roll-inducing response to Will Young, after the singer accused him of homophobia.

In the latest episode of his Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour, Jeremy and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May are seen discussing Jeep Wrangler, suggesting they are cars for gay men, before wheeling out a number of tired stereotypes.

This prompted a public response from Will, who branded them “pathetic”, “obtuse” and “bigoted babies” on social media.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Jeremy has now shared his response, via a column in The Sun, in which he says he was surprised to see the Leave Right Now star – in his words – “going berserk” on Twitter.

“[He said] I’d been homophobic in the most recent episode of The Grand Tour,” Jeremy wrote. “And that he was going to not stop from his ceaseless quest for justice.

“Only the Guardian got what he was on about.”

Will Young
Will Young
Richard Isaac/REX/Shutterstock

He continued: “Many gay people who’d seen the show said they couldn’t see a problem. None of my leftie friends could either. One even said I should tell him to stop being so gay.

“I won’t do that, though. And nor will I suggest, once again, that mobile phones should be fitted with breathalysers to stop people drinking and tweeting.

“No. Instead, I will apologise to Will for causing him some upset and reassure him that I know I’m not homophobic as I very much enjoy watching lesbians on the internet.”

Since his initial tweets, Will has criticised The Grand Tour team for their silence on the issue, going on to threaten the show with a complaint to the media watchdog Ofcom.


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