08/07/2020 10:14 BST

Jess Glynne Addresses Restaurant 'Discrimination' Post After Facing Backlash: 'It Wasn't The Right Word'

The singer claimed the intention behind her divisive Instagram comment was so the Sexy Fish restaurant staff could "better themselves".

Jess Glynne has addressed the backlash she faced this week after a post claiming she’d faced “pure discrimination” from a London restaurant because of her casual clothes.

On Monday night, the Hold My Hand singer claimed staff had refused her entry to the Sexy Fish restaurant in Mayfair because of her outfit, which included a grey hoodie, a black baseball cap and trainers.

After many on social media took issue with her use of the word “discrimination” to describe the incident, in an Instagram video Jess has now admitted “it wasn’t the right word” to have used.

“OK, I feel I need to come on here and just like pull up on what I posted yesterday,” she began. “Look, I used the wrong word, ‘discrimination’. I take that back, it wasn’t the right word, it was wrong. But I just want to highlight the reason why I posted what I did.”

Jess continued: “Basically, all I wanted to say was that I felt it was very rude and disrespectful in the way that the Sexy Fish staff were towards me and my friend yesterday, and I don’t believe anybody should be spoken to like that. And that’s what I wanted to highlight.

“You know, I’m so understanding and respectful of dress codes and etiquette, a hundred percent. Like, listen, I have been turned away from numerous places in my life, that does not bother me, that’s not why I was upset.

“What I was trying to highlight for them, you know, so that they can better themselves, is just that there’s ways of dealing with human beings, and being respectful and having manners. Because it doesn’t cost anything, you know? And that’s all I wanted to say.”

She ended the video saying: “So yeah, I hope you guys understand and let me know when it’s safe for me to come back out.”

Jess Glynne performing last year

In a statement, Sexy Fish told HuffPost UK after Jess’ original post: “Sexy Fish supports individuality and style but respectfully ask all our guests to acknowledge our dress code which is published on our website.

“We are huge fans of Jess, and her music and feel sorry that she feels that she has been treated insensitively.”