Insane Jet Ski Crash Caught On Video

Insane Jet Ski Crash Caught On Video

It looks like an elaborate stunt from an action movie, but it's a real-life clip of the moment several beach goers narrowly escaped with their lives.

Footage of a horrifying jet ski crash has surfaced on the Internet. According to the New York Daily News, the video was filmed by amateur videographer Brian Prahl in the Bahamas.

In the opening moments, a woman is shown laughing on a stationary jet ski when she suddenly screams and leaps off. The camera pans, and shows a second vehicle was speeding her way.

"I had to no idea why the girl was happy and then at the last second scared as I panned to my left and saw this other crazy Jet Ski guy literally jump her Jet Ski like a ramp!" Prahl wrote in the YouTube video description, according to the Daily News. "She had the craziest instinct to get off of the jet ski at the last second to save her head, literally."

The jet skis collided, sending two passengers on the incoming one flying into the air. No one was seriously hurt.

Prahl's original video has since been removed from YouTube, but numerous copies of it have sprouted up.

There have been several jet ski fatalities this year.

In July, an Arkansas man vacationing in Panama City Beach, Florida, was killed when a jet ski he was riding collided with a boat.


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