Jewish Festival Bonfire Explosion Injures Ten People In Stamford Hill

Video shows bonfire exploding in a fireball.

Ten people were injured after a bonfire exploded in north London during celebrations for a Jewish festival.

The explosion occurred in Stamford Hill late on Wednesday evening. It was reported someone had thrown a smartphone on the blaze but video footage suggested the explosion happened when it was ignited.

Hatzola, a Jewish volunteer ambulance service that operates in north and east London, said it provided a “mega response” at the scene. They were helped by the London Ambulance Service.

Police said there were no allegations of any crime and said those who were hurt suffered “minor injuries”.

The bonfire had been lit to celebrate Lag baOmer, a Jewish festival.

According to The Yeshiva World, there was “a massive explosion and large fireball” the moment the fire was lit.

It reported the rabbi had given a speech about the dangers of smartphones and said he would be burning one.

The condition of the victims remains unclear.


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