‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Jodhi May Strips Naked And Lies Under A Swordfish (It’s All For A Good Cause)

There's a time and a plaice for this sort of thing.

If the sight of a wild-eyed Miriam Margolyes clutching a John Dory isn’t going to brighten up your Tuesday, then we don’t know what will

Maybe a very naked Jodhi May of ‘Game Of Thrones’ fame lying underneath a swordfish?

Both stars have got their kit off for Fishlove to highlight the dangers of overfishing and pollution.

<strong>Jodhi May</strong>
Jodhi May
Fishlove/Jillian Edelstein

Miriam, who was recently on our screens in the BBC’s ‘The Real Marigold Hotel’, said: “I’m usually asked to keep my clothes on, but Fishlove is a cause I believe in so it was easy to say yes.

"It was very uncomfortable and the spikes on the fish tore my skin but if these photos make people aware of our responsibilities to the next generation — to conserve fish stocks — then it’s worthwhile.”

<strong>Miriam Margolyes</strong>
Miriam Margolyes
Fishlove/Jillian Edelstein

Emma Thompson also stripped off and cosied up to a fish (or two Black Scabbards to be precise) along with her actor husband Greg Wise.

They said: “You do feel a little guilty holding a huge dead fish while you are very much alive, but by doing this Fishlove portrait we want to make clear the message — if we don’t end the overfishing and pollution of the ocean, all these beautiful creatures are threatened.”

<strong>Emma Thompson and Greg Wise</strong>
Emma Thompson and Greg Wise
Fishlove/Jillian Edelstein

The Fishlove photographs were commissioned by Covent Garden seafood restaurant J Sheekey Oyster Bar.

Other actors who took part in the J Sheekey Oyster Bar Fishlove Theatre Series to call for greater marine protection in UK waters included Dougray Scott, Chipo Chung from Doctor Who, Haydn Gwynne, Ade Edmondson and Tom Bateman of Jekyll And Hyde .

Tim Hughes, chef director for Caprice Holdings which owns the restaurant, said: “We are passionate about marine conservation, and make sure that the suppliers and fishermen we work with are as committed to fish sustainability as we are.”

See all the pictures from the Fishlove campaign below...

Celebs strip for the 2016 Fishlove campaign

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