Joe Biden Gaffes: What Will The Vice President Say Next?

What Will Joe Biden Say Next?

Everyone loves a good political gaffe, but Joe Biden seems to have elevated the verbal blunder to the level of art. His rhetorical missteps can come from anywhere: being a bit out of touch, being a little unrefined or, in true honey badger fashion, just not giving a shit. You almost have to admire the VP's unkempt moxie, despite all the headaches it must cause his boss.

To that end, we've attempted to come up with a list of other potential linguistic FAILs that might be in Biden's future. Which one do you think is most likely to happen?

"I'm pleased to be running against Jack Ryan; I've loved his work on '30 Rock.'"—During the Vice Presidential debate

"And I'll say this to America's youth: Sniffing a little glue never hurt anyone."—During his Democratic National Convention speech

"It's like Yoda said: Live long and prosper."—At San Diego Comic Con

"If only the first three Indiana Joneses had Shia LeBoeuf in them."—At Harrison Ford's 71st birtday party

"I've always felt like Yoko was the fifth Beatle."—At the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles Ed Sullivan Show appearance

"In my opinion, 'Godfather 3' was the best of the trilogy."—While touring Coppola Winery

"The Republicans want to keep you in diapers."—To babies

"If you ask me, Arrested Development had too many seasons."—Twitter


"Louis C.K.? Overrated."—To Louis C.K.'s kids

"Chocolate? Great. Peanut butter? Sure. But together? Come on now, let's get serious."—Hershey corporation annual stockholder event


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