21/11/2016 11:57 GMT | Updated 21/11/2016 13:14 GMT

Joel Dommett Reveals Sex Tape Horror To 'I'm A Celebrity' Campmates

The comic was caught out by a catfish scam.

Joel Dommett has opened up to his ‘I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Out Here!’ campmates about the horror of having his sex tape leaked.

The comedian was previously the victim of a catfishing scam, in which someone coaxed him into having Skype sex, before recording it and releasing the footage online.

Joel Dommett has opened up about having his sex tape leaked

Joel revealed this to his jungle co-stars as they discussed naked selfies during Sunday (19 November) night’s show. 

“[Mine] is easy to find on the internet, I was catfished,” he admitted. 

“Basically, someone messaged me on Twitter and after a while she was like, do you want Skype sex? I was like, yeah alright. I was so naïve.”

“Then three years later, they released it,” he said. “About a week before I came in here.

“I thought I was having Skype sex with someone but I wasn’t - it was just a video of someone, and it turned out it was just someone watching me, watching porn – just like a porno ‘Gogglebox’.”

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