John Oliver Perfectly Sums Up Why Apple Is Right To Fight The FBI Over Encryption

Turns out it's really REALLY complicated...

Now if there's one person who can take a mind-bogglingly complicated story and somehow make it both simple to understand and also funny, it's John Oliver.

Thankfully the comedian has finally used this skill to explain the fierce battle that's currently waging in the US between Apple and the FBI over the iPhone's encryption.

In a segment on Last Week Tonight, Oliver manages to expertly explain why encryption is both great for us and our civil liberties, and yet really really bad for law enforcement.

With the Investigatory Powers Bill currently causing a similarly unfortunate commotion this side of the pond all eyes will be on who can win the battle as if Apple is forced to cave, it could have genuinely scary consequences for the 'Snoopers' Charter' here in the UK.


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