05/01/2018 09:24 GMT | Updated 05/01/2018 17:32 GMT

Jon Paul Steuer Dead: 'Star Trek' Child Actor Dies Aged 33

He was the first person to play Klingon Alexander Rozhenko.

Former ‘Star Trek’ child star Jon Paul Steuer has died at the age of 33. 

The actor was best known for being the first person to play Klingon Alexander Rozhenko in ‘The Next Generation’, and passed away on New Year’s Day. 

Jon - sometimes known as Jonny Jewels - was also a musician in the band P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., with the group confirming news of his death in a statement posted on Facebook. 

Jon Paul Steuer played Alexander Rozhenko in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’

They wrote: “It is with heavy hearts and saddened minds that we announce the passing of our dear friend and singer Jonny Jewels, AKA Jon Paul Steuer.

“The addition of Jonny to our dysfunctional band family was one of the best choices that we have ever made, and he brought a much needed sense of fun and lightheartedness to everything we did.

“He was only with us for a little more than a year, but we managed to cram a lifetime of great experiences into his tenure as our singer: dozens shows at home in Portland and across several states, an amazing European tour, and our best full-length release yet.

“We’ve lost our singer, but far, far more than that we’ve lost a friend. Rest in peace, Jonny...we love you.”

Jon’s cause of death is yet to be confirmed. 

As well as starring in ‘Star Trek’ in the 1990s, he also appeared in US sitcom ‘Grace Under Fire’, playing Quentin Kelly, before quitting acting at the age of 12. 

Bob D'Amico via Getty Images
Jon Paul (left) also appeared in 'Grace Under Fire'

In later life, he formed glam punk band Kill City Thrillers, before going on to join P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.

He also opened a vegan restaurant, Harvest at the Bindery, in Portland, which he ran on the side of music career. 

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