14/01/2021 16:08 GMT

Jonathan Ross Talking About His Sexual Awakening Is The Very Definition Of NSFW

Let's just say an orange and a hoover were involved.

If you’ve seen the film Call Me By Your Name, you’ll no doubt remember that scene involving a peach. 

But if that was enough to make you blush, just wait until you hear Jonathan Ross’ tales about his sexual awakening. 

The chat show host has somewhat overshared about his teenage years, revealing how he used some unusual objects to learn about intimacy. 

During an appearance on Rhod Gilbert’s Comedy Central show Growing Pains, Jonathan admitted he had a rather uncomfortable experience involving a hoover, and other involving an orange. 

Brian J Ritchie/Hotsauce/Shutterstock
Jonathan Ross

Admitting he was a late bloomer who had not kissed a girl until he was 17, the comedian said: “I didn’t know anything about sex.

“I became very interested in women’s magazines and would read my mum’s to try and pick out clues as to what women were.

“One section said, ‘How to get your man better at oral sex’. It said, ‘Peel the orange and the whole in the middle, insert your tongue’, so I felt, ’This is something I need to learn.”

He later added: “I’d read that female-to-male oral sex could be replicated with a Hoover, which was a very uncomfortable experience and not pleasant for anyone.”

We can only apologise for the mental image that may have given you. 

Jonathan can currently be seen on screen as a panellist on the second series of The Masked Singer alongside Davina McCall, Mo Gilligan and Rita Ora.