01/03/2017 07:50 GMT | Updated 01/03/2017 12:47 GMT

'Judge Rinder' Guest Thrown Off Show After Kicking Off At Courtroom Star

'I started screaming at Judge Rinder and I just ran at him.'

A guest on ‘Judge Rinder’ has revealed he was thrown off the show after launching himself at the show’s star.

Travis Simpkins, who gained notoriety after appearing on ‘Benefits Britain’ in 2015, was on the ITV daytime show for a second time when the incident occurred. 

Judge Rinder, aka Robert Rinder
Travis Simpkins has appeared on 'Judge Rinder' before

Travis denied he was ever physically going to attack Robert, but did make a threat while being spoken to by producers. 

“When I was backstage I was saying ‘I’m gonna smash his head in’,” he said. “I weren’t actually gonna physically touch him, I was just gonna run at him and scream at him because that’s what they wanted.”

Travis appeared on the show - which has not yet aired - to sort out a dispute with his brother, who he claimed owed him money. 

Judge Rinder later ruled Travis should be awarded £2,000 of the £3,600 he was claiming for, but Travis has said he feels like he has “sold himself” to the programme, and has been left feeling like “a big t***”.

HuffPost UK has contacted an ITV spokesperson for comment. 

‘Judge Rinder’ airs weekdays at 2pm on ITV.

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