Julia Roberts On Letterman: Parenthood Gushing And An Obscenity-Laced Anecdote (VIDEO)


Julia Roberts joined David Letterman Tuesday night for three segments to promote her new movie "Duplicity," (see premiere pics) and they each talked openly about the joys of parenthood, then segued into Julia's chunk of hot pink hair, the Octomom and a obscenity-laced anecdote of an unnamed Roberts costar.

During the first segment seen below, Letterman showed some footage of his son Harry and told Roberts of fatherhood, "if you want to get spiritual about it, why doesn't that feeling, that everyone on the planet has, transcend to keep us from killing one another?"

In the second segment seen below, Roberts told a story of an unnamed costar who went on a screaming rant against the director of an also-unnamed film. She got bleeped as she repeatedly quoted the guy screaming "fuck" before wanting an AD run over. (if you know the movie with a nice male director and a scene by an acorn tree, leave a guess in the comments)
Part 2 w/Harry footage, pink hair and octo-mom talk:
Part 3, with Roberts' anecdote of a horrible coworker actor:

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