Kate Winslet Shares An Intriguing Update On The Future Of Mare Of Easttown

The Oscar winner has made a cryptic comment about a potential season two.
Kate Winslet in Mare Of Easttown
Kate Winslet in Mare Of Easttown

After delivering one of her most celebrated performances to date, it’s no wonder fans are still thinking about Kate Winslet in Mare Of Easttown.

The 2021 HBO miniseries starred the Titanic actor as a police officer mourning the death of her son while investigating a disturbing case in a small fictionalised Pennsylvania town.

Kate’s performance quickly had viewers hooked, and received rave reviews from critics, landing Mare Of Easttown an impressive 95% score on the reviews website Rotten Tomatoes.

Much to the dismay of many viewers, there’s been no word since its release about a potential second season. But now Kate has revealed that she might not have closed the door on that character just yet.

Asked in a recent interview with Variety whether she would ever revisit the role, she replied: “Probably.”

The Oscar winner star did note, however, that it would be a difficult decision since Mare represented a very specific time, calling her “the Vera Lynn of the pandemic”.

Kate didn’t elaborate any further though, apparently asking the interviewer to “move on” from that topic.

Kate Winslet at a Q&A for her latest TV venture The Regime
Kate Winslet at a Q&A for her latest TV venture The Regime
Michael Buckner via Getty Images

But it seems even HBO could be open to the idea of developing the series further.

After Kate and co-stars Evan Peters and Julianne Nicholson both won Emmy Awards for their performances, head of drama at HBO Francesca Orsi said “we did run to have discussions about a season two”.

“But it did feel too soon,” she added, before nothing that “while there’s nothing in the works, we are having early discussions about whether it might be time to start thinking of building something”.

She continued: “We might be willing to figure out with Mare, years later, picking her up – not on the heels of where she ended, but there have been years for the character that have passed. Who is she now?”

The TV boss apparently planned to speak with Kate, along with creator Brad Ingelsby and executive producer Mark Roybal, to “see if there’s any viability to everyone saying yes again”.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Titanic director James Cameron revealed why he was initially hesitant to cast Kate in what is arguably her most famous role.

“It seemed like lazy casting,” he admitted, since Kate had become so well known for acting in period dramas like Sense and Sensibility and Jude.

“But then wiser heads prevailed, and I could see what everybody was talking about,” he said.


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