Kate Winslet And Stephen Colbert Finally Fix The 'Titanic' Ending

The actress also revealed the person who actually drew Rose’s portrait. (Hint: It wasn’t Leo.)

There’s a famous line from the movie “Titanic” that some fans can never let go.

On Thursday, Kate Winslet was on “The Late Show” to talk about the 20th anniversary of the film and its re-release in theaters in December. The occasion prompted host Stephen Colbert to ask a series of lightening-round questions about the beloved 1997 movie.

“In the famous line you say, ‘I’ll never let you go, Jack.’ But you do!” Colbert said to the actress about her iconic role as Rose.

“I lie!” the Oscar-winning actress said. “I fully lie. I hold my hand up, I let him go. Plus, he just should’ve tried harder to get on that door.”

The two then decide to give the movie an alternative ending that makes way more sense than the one director James Cameron originally wrote, in which Jack (beware: 20-year spoiler alert) “had to die.”

Honestly, this version is incredibly satisfying.

To see the reenactment in all its glory — and to find out who really etched that nude portrait of Rose — watch the video above.