Skins Star Kathryn Prescott In Intensive Care After Being Hit By Cement Truck In New York

The British actor played Emily Fitch in the Channel 4 teen series.

Skins actor Kathryn Prescott has been hospitalised after being hit by a cement truck in New York.

Her twin sister Megan revealed on Instagram that the 30-year-old Londoner had been rushed to hospital on Tuesday.

Kathryn – who played Emily Fitch in Skins and Carter Stevens in MTV’s Finding Carter – is currently in ICU at a New York Hospital.

Megan revealed her twin had sustained a broken pelvis, legs, foot and hand in the accident.

Kathryn Prescott
Kathryn Prescott
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

In her Instagram post, Megan wrote: “I received the most terrifying phone call I’ve ever received in my life on Tuesday evening.

“My twin sister Kathryn was hit by a cement truck while crossing a road in New York on the 7th September.”

Megan said that although her sister would be taken care of by medical professionals, her mobility could be severely affected long-term and that she “narrowly avoided paralysis”.

Megan – who has starred alongside her sister in Skins and the TV drama Doctors – added that her twin is currently “alone in New York with no family members”.

“I need to be there to help her with literally everything as she will be able to do incredibly little by herself,” Megan wrote.

“She will be in rehab for a very long time and will need 24/hr care even after she leaves the hospital.”

She added: “I applied to the US Embassy for exemption from the current restrictions banning any non-US citizens into the US and was denied earlier today and I am devastated.

“I have documents from the hospital confirming the extent of Kathryn’s injuries and am willing to do anything to get to her as soon as humanly possible.

“I don’t know what to do with myself. I have to be able to get to my sister to care for her and right now I have no way of doing so.”

Kathryn joined the Skins cast in 2009 when she took on the role of Emily Fitch in series three and four, later returning for the seventh season.


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