23/08/2020 10:27 BST

Kate Price Rushed Back To Hospital After Surgery On Both Broken Feet

The reality star has been complaining of not being able to sleep due to the pain.

Katie Price was rushed back to hospital after experiencing agonising pain, days after surgery on her broken feet. 

The former model underwent a six-hour operation earlier this month after breaking both her feet and ankles in an accident on holiday in Turkey.

A spokesperson for Katie confirmed The Sun’s report that she had been admitted to hospital with a suspected infection. 

Katie Price has broken both her feet

“After an extremely restless night in pain I can confirm that Katie was taken to at Epsom Hospital A&E, she was later transferred to Chelsea and Westminster where she has been seen by her consultant,” a rep told the paper. 

It’s reported Katie has since been discharged from hospital. 

The reality star had been complaining of not being able to sleep due to the pain on her Instagram Story on Thursday night. 

She posted: “Struggling tonight to sleep again despite my feet repairing from my operation. No matter what I do and no matter what painkillers my doctors have given me, I’m still in pain.”

Katie recently revealed doctors have warned her it could take as long as two years for her to heal properly. 

She has also said she will have arthritis and feel pain in her feet “for the rest of my life”.

After undergoing surgery, Katie wrote on Instagram that “more procedures was needed when they entered my feet than thought”. 

“But I’m lucky I have the chance to one day get on my feet again,” she added.