Katie Price's Husband Kieran Hayler Addresses Latest Cheating Accusations

'I hate myself for what I've done to her.'

Katie Price’s husband Kieran Hayler has shared his take on recent accusations that he cheated on her once again, claiming that he was unfaithful with their nanny.

Last week, Katie made headlines when she revealed that she was seeking a divorce from Kieran, following another reported infidelity.

The builder and former stripper has now revealed his side of the story, in a fresh interview with The Sun on Sunday.

Kieran and Katie at the ITV Gala last year
Kieran and Katie at the ITV Gala last year
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Agreeing with Katie’s claims that she found out about his cheating by reading his emails, Kieran explained: What I’ve done to Katie makes me sick. It’s unforgivable. Katie is stunning and knows I didn’t do any of this because of her.

The couple’s nanny, Nikki Brown, has previously denied the accusations thrown at her, telling The Sun earlier this week: “It’s all lies, she’s read some emails and assumed we’re having an affair.

“There’s nothing intimate or sexual in them and I know because I sent them.”

Accusing Katie of using her as a scapegoat, Nikki added: “Katie wanted a divorce, she wants an excuse to get out and blame someone else.”

Katie and Kieran married in January 2013, after just over a month of dating, but their union was rocked a year after their nuptials when it was revealed he’d been having an affair with two of her close friends.

Although Katie said in the aftermath that she wanted a divorce, the two managed to work things out, and shortly after the birth of their daughter, Bunny, they renewed their wedding vows.

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