20/10/2017 15:58 BST

Katie Price Just Ignited A Very Unlikely Feud With Lorraine Kelly

Pricey was on typically candid form during an episode of 'BUILD'.

Katie Price has been involved in quite a few celebrity feuds in her time, but she’s just ignited her most unlikely one yet, with none other than daytime TV darling Lorraine Kelly

While most people regard the Scottish presenter as being one of the loveliest people on the box, Katie has claimed Lorriane doesn’t like her, as she hit out at her during an appearance on ‘BUILD’.

Pricey was being quizzed on the topic of her row with former ‘Loose Women’ star Carol McGiffin when she offered up some harsh words about Lorraine.

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Katie Price

Speaking to HuffPost UK’s Matt Bagwell, Katie said: “[Carol] doesn’t like me and I’ve no idea why. I’ve been on the show with her but I’ve no idea why she doesn’t like me. But then Lorraine Kelly doesn’t like me either, and I don’t know why.”

Pressed on the previously unknown beef, she continued: “All I remember is that years ago, she said something about me being a mum.

“Sometimes I feel like saying, ’Don’t complain about me, you’re probably never there for your kid when she gets up in the morning to go to school. You’re never there because you’re on TV.′”

She added: “I don’t know why people always have a pop at me, but then sometimes they have to look at their own lives and think if they are perfect. Nobody is perfect. You do what you have to do, don’t you?”

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Lorraine Kelly

While it remains unclear exactly what Lorraine had previously said about Katie, earlier this year she did address Katie’s comments that she would consider hiring a sex worker for her disabled son Harvey in her Sun column.     

During the interview, Katie also opened up about a number of her other public spats, insisting she “never starts them, but always finishes them”.  

Speaking about the war of words she had with Kelly Brook back in 2013, she said: “Thing is, me and Kelly have known each other for years. We started modelling together. I haven’t got any problem with her, and I’m sure she hasn’t with me, it was just about the time Danny Cipriani was playing us both. That was it.”

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Katie made an appearance on 'BUILD'

Turning her attention to arguably her most famous row with Jodie Marsh, Katie claimed: “I don’t know why she hates me.”

“I met her once and paid her £5 to lap dance with my boyfriend at the time, who she ended up going out with,” she explained. “That is the only time I’ve ever met her. 

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Jodie Marsh

“That was all before she was even known. I was being paid to be at this lap dance club as an appearance and she was one of the girls who danced. Then she went out and bought a T-shirt because she’d been out with all the guys I’d been out with. Classy, having my leftovers.

“The thing is, I think they know they get headlines from it. So I learn to bite my lip and not say anything.”

Watch the full ‘BUILD’ interview in the video below, where Katie also speaks out on her on-going feud with Love Island’s Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood. 

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