04/08/2017 15:13 BST

Katie Price Posted An Instagram Photo Of Princess In A Washing Machine And Some People Weren't Happy

'Are you mental?'

Katie Price has shared a photo of 10-year-old Princess sitting inside a washing machine and some people weren’t happy.

The mum posted the snap on Instagram on Friday 4 August with the caption: “Hide and seek! Found Princess in our new 18kg washing machine.”

The door of the washing machine was open and Price was there with her daughter, but some didn’t see the funny side of it.

“Are you mental? Putting your kid in a washing machine?” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Not good idea for kids to see this, especially if there are young ones running around.” 

Another person commented on the photo: “I love following you but this? I don’t like it - this is not responsible at all. Please rethink it.”

And a mum also wrote: “Awwww Katie I love you but please take this down. It’s obvious this is a publicity stunt for the washing machine to show how massive it is which is great. I’m 100% sure Princess was safe at all times.

“But what about other kids who might see this and think it’s a good idea to climb in a washer? It isn’t and could have terrifying consequences. I’m not one of those people who judges everyone and has to give their opinion on everything but this just doesn’t sit right and it had to be said.”

Price’s fans defended the photo, arguing that it was a joke and Princess was safe at all times.

“I am in hysterics reading these comments, people are so stupid saying this picture could encourage other kids to climb in a washing machine and turn it on,” one person wrote. “I’m sorry but if your kids are young enough or stupid enough to do that then they shouldn’t be on Instagram.

“Leave the poor woman alone.”

Another commented: “If she wants to put her kid in a washing machine, let her. I thought it was a great pic. It’s called a bit of fun and I’m sure Princess is old enough to understand that also.”

A spokesperson at CaterKwik, the supplier of the Cater Wash washing machine pictured, told HuffPost UK: “We are glad to see Katie Price with her 18kg Cater Wash washing machine, but we do not recommend or endorse anyone climbing into a washing machine of any description.”

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