Katie Price's 'Cordless Drill' Sex Comparison In New Autobiography Is Really Quite Something

A stroll around B&Q will never be the same again.

We all know at this stage of the game that Katie Price has no qualms about getting candid when it comes to her sex life, whether it’s dishing the dirt with her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ housemates or causing controversy with her fellow ‘Loose Women’ panellists.

And yet… she still has the power to shock us, even after all this time.

On this occasion, she’s raised eyebrows with a particularly graphic excerpt from her new autobiography, ‘Reborn’, currently being serialised in The Sun, in which she recalls a liaison she had with a married celebrity.

Sometimes, a truly compelling piece of prose needs no real introduction, so we’ll just hand you right over to Katie at this point.

<strong>Katie Price</strong>
Katie Price
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Now we know the colour of Katie’s sofa, let’s continue. Oh, and brace yourself, because there’s a reference to a “cordless drill” coming any moment.

<strong>We'll never look at a drill in the same way again</strong>
We'll never look at a drill in the same way again
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And do you know what? It’s not over yet.

Read more of Katie’s story in ‘Reborn’, which goes on sale on 22 September.

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