13/06/2017 08:04 BST

Katy Perry On Taylor Swift's Decision To Stream '1989' On 'Witness' Release Date

She's determined to leave the feud in the past.

Katy Perry kept it classy when asked how she felt about Taylor Swift’s decision to make her back catalogue available for streaming on the same day her new album, ‘Witness’, was released.

While promoting ‘Witness’, Katy has repeatedly said that she hopes to leave her ongoing feud with Taylor in the past, so they can send their young fans a message of unity, but that hasn’t stopped reporters from asking about it all during interviews.

However, when asked about what many perceived as Taylor’s latest dig, Katy refused to bite.

Katy on the 'Today' show

Appearing on Monday’s (12 June) ‘Today’ show, Katy said simply: “I don’t know… I can only do me.”

The host asked further questions about Taylor, explicitly saying that Katy’s diss track ‘Swish Swish’ was about the ‘1989’ singer, to which she interrupted: “That might be your story, but my story which I know is true for me is that I’ve had not just one person bully me or one person hold me down, or met one troll.”

She also reiterated comments she made in her ‘Witness World Wide’ live-stream over the weekend, claiming she actually “loves” Taylor, insisting: “All I need to say to her is I love her, and God bless her on her journey.”

Jeff Kravitz/AMA2011 via Getty Images
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry before their fallout

Many were surprised last week when, despite having previously only had her material available on Apple Music, Taylor suddenly put all of her songs on services like Spotify and Tidal on the same day ‘Witness’ was released.

While some perceived this as a dig at Katy, and a bid to try and chart higher than her supposed rival with old material, Taylor’s spokesperson said of the decision: “In celebration of ‘1989’ selling over 10 million albums worldwide and the RIAA’s 100 Million Song Certification announcement, Taylor wants to thank her fans by making her entire back catalog available to all streaming services...”

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