28 Real Life Situations Perfectly Dealt With By Keeping Up Appearances' Hyacinth Bucket

"The Bouquet residence, the lady of the house speaking."

For years, Keeping Up Appearances had TV audiences howling with the antics of indomitable snob Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced ‘Bouquet’), but quite frankly we reckon her “executive” way of living could teach us all a thing or two.

Here’s 28 real life situations Mrs Bucket could deal with perfectly...

1. When you know you’re looking 10 out of 10:

2. When Dad cracks a problematic joke at the dinner table:

3. When you’re forced to visit those distant cousins:

4. When you enter your housemate’s bedroom:

5. When your mate tries to wriggle out of plans at the last minute:

6. When you’re looking for any excuse to wear that bangin’ new outfit:

7. When bae doesn’t get that you’re really not in the mood:

8. When any b*tch tries to cross you:

9. When someone unexpectedly pulls out a camera and you’re not ready:

10. When you can’t quite hear what those people next to you are gossiping about:

11. When you eventually find out what those people next to you were gossiping about:

12. When you just need to nip to Primark to pick up a few basics:

13. When Dad tells you how he voted in the EU referendum:

14. When you arrive at a party and no-one makes the fuss you clearly deserve:

15. When you experience sexism:

16. When you’re worried bae won’t stick to the dress code:

17. But he then turns up looking devilishly handsome:

18. When you catch a glimpse inside your neighbour’s flat:

19. When you realise you’ve sent the message to the wrong What’sApp thread:

20. When you’re forced to make small talk with that old friend you’ve not seen since school:


21. When your friend brings along that mate of their’s you can’t stand:


22. When you’re showing off your moves in the club:

23. When your parents have the cheek to ask you for a lift:

24. When bae doesn’t message you when he said he would:

25. When that persistent Tinder weirdo asks you on a date:

26. When you get that Monday feeling:

27. When your mate doesn’t realise the person you are both bitching about is right behind them:

28. When you’re trying to see where all the fit lads are at:

Relive more iconic sitcom moments in the gallery below...


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