Kid Leaves Adorable Note And Gift For Delivery Driver To Ensure He Gets His Package

This kid is going places 👏

Next time you want a package delivering but need to pop out, take a leaf out of Sultan’s book: the youngster from South Lanarkshire penned an adorable note to a delivery driver letting them know he wouldn’t be in to retrieve his very important parcel: a pair of new football boots.

Exhibiting some incredible levels of honesty, he wrote: “My maw said we would be back before 5:30 but I highly doubt it. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

To sweeten the deal, he attached a Tunnock’s caramel wafer to the note, adding: “Please help yourself to a treat.”

A photo of the note was shared by journalist Amna Saleem (@AGlasgowGirl), who said: “My wee cousin is taking no chances with his parcel.”

Sultan had asked the driver to either leave the package with a neighbour or under the black Jeep. After all that effort, Amna confirmed to HuffPost UK that Sultan did receive his football boots.

Moral of the story: honesty (and occasional bribery with chocolate) always works.