If Your Child Won't Take 'No' For An Answer, Here's What To Do: Flip The Switch

Expert Alyson Schafer's got your back, parents.

Children can be very persuasive, mostly due to the fact they are often relentless when they want something badly. It's a behaviour parents can easily give in to.

HuffPost Canada's Parenting expert Alyson Schafer has some words of advice in a new video for parents struggling with children who don't respond to the word 'No.' According to Schafer, it's time to "Flip The Switch" on how parents communicate with their children — especially when it comes to asserting authority.

Watch now to learn more tips on how to "Flip The Switch" with Alyson Schafer.

"They've [children] learned that if they persist long enough, sometimes you'll actually cave in," Schafer says in the video. Rather than listening to the wants and needs of parents, children would rather "negotiate," and "badger."

Schafer suggests scheduling weekly family meetings where both children and parents work together to establish family guidelines. "Where we discuss what the limits and boundaries are and co-create the rules that our kids have to live with together."

What's your best advice for dealing with kids who won't take no for an answer? Share in the comments below.

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