'Killing Eve': 7 Questions We Have At The Halfway Point

We need answers.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from episodes one to four.

Trying our best to savour each gripping instalment of the eight-episode murderous extravaganza that is ‘Killing Eve’ has been seriously tough, but we’re now at the halfway point. And to be honest, we’re surprised we’ve made it so far into the critically acclaimed BBC America series unscathed.

By the end of episode four we’ve seen Villanelle perform a number of high-profile kills, taking Bill (one of our favourite characters) out on her way. She’s also used Eve’s name as a cover when killing a Chinese businessman in a BDSM “clinic”.

The drama has been intense – and perched on the edge of our seats, we have a number of questions we’re hoping will be answered soon:

1. Why hasn’t Villanelle tried to Kill Eve yet?

She’s had plenty of chances, she has Eve’s address, and even sent her a perfume which could have easily been the same deadly concoction she gave to Madame de Mann. But still she hasn’t killed Eve, despite also seeing her multiple times in person now too.

Does she actually not want to kill her, or is she just waiting for the right moment? If so, what’s her endgame?

2. What’s Villanelle’s backstory?

It’s been heavily hinted that she may be a psychopath – and we’ve seen her be psychologically examined with harrowing results. We also know she’s gone by the name of Oxana. But what happened in Villanelle’s life that made her the person she is?

We’re convinced there must be a story here to explain it, maybe something from her childhood (in the style of ‘Dexter’), and we’re wondering whether we’ll find out.

3. What is the scope of this operation?

We’re yet to see the big picture of why Villanelle is being tasked to kill her victims. What unites them? Does Villanelle know? Does she care?

4. Why is Villanelle leaving bodies and evidence all over the place?

Seriously, she’s scattering incriminating info willy nilly – is this an alternate universe where complex parts of the investigatory process don’t exist – e.g. proper forensics? Or is she just that confident?

5. What’s going to happen with Eve and Nico’s marriage?

Tensions seem to be have been bubbling up between the two since the show began, and they’re only getting more strained. It seems like he’s supportive, but can only deal with a certain amount of Eve’s dishonesty.

Simultaneously, it seems like Eve’s pulling away – they’re arguing more, and she swatted away his hand at Bill’s funeral. Will the relationship last to the end of the season?

6. On the topic of Eve’s romantic life and struggling relationship with her husband...

Does Villanelle fancy Eve? We’ve seen her pursue some role play that heavily implies she does have a thing for her. But does Eve fancy Villanelle? The way she described her when she first saw her (her cat-like eyes, and her delicate features) was a source of speculation for Bill.

Is it just fascination, or will the attraction play out IRL? We’re waiting with bated breath.

7. How do we get Sandra Oh’s hair?

Seriously. Is that just what it looks like when it’s doing its natural thing? Is there something we should be investing in? Is it at all realistic to be being chased by a bloodthirsty killer and look this good at the same time? We need answers.


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